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Bumblebee at HomeAssociated Knowledge Systems Limited (AKS) is an independent British software services company that specialises in producing customised Intranet Committee Management solutions. It has for many years provided local authorities with Committee Minutes retrieval software and has a long track record of providing a wide variety of customers with document management and retrieval software and services.


AKS was formed in 1989 as a Management Buy-Out of an ICI business which had grown from its ground-breaking development in 1969 of text retrieval software. It has a long history of service to many blue-chip organisations, responding to changing customer requirements by constant program development coupled with extension of systems expertise and integration skills, resulting in the support and marketing of a range of document management and information retrieval solutions. The technical environments supported have expanded from mainframe through to PC server networks and of course Internet technologies.

Local authority expertise

AKS first licensed software to councils for the retrieval of Committee Minutes in 1986. This specialisation has grown in importance to the business over the years, and AKS has gained significant insight into Council requirements. The AKS E-GENDA system was developed in co-operation with existing customers, combining AKS’ Intranet and retrieval expertise with the customers' understanding of the processes involved in creating Agendas, Minutes and Decision Records, particularly in the light of modern styles of governance set out in the current legislation. The prime focus of AKS is now to provide local authorities with modern intranet systems to support the new style of quicker, more open government.


AKS provides a full range of services to help its customers benefit from AKS systems and experience.

These include:

  • Consultancy - Analysis and advice to ensure systems match the customer's particular organisational and technical environment.
  • Development - Analysis and programming of tailor-made systems and individual programs for Intranet, Windows, MVS, PC networks, numerous variants of Unix, and OpenVMS environments. This can include such services as data conversion, Web interfaces, integration services (with e.g. e-mail) to support applications, workflow, database design, data input systems, etc.
  • Support - Installation, implementation, training (at detailed and awareness levels), documentation, help-desk services, maintenance, remote online support, ongoing development and frequent customer contact.

Tried and Trusted

Over the years, AKS systems have been installed in hundreds of customer sites. Users include many prestigious organisations in a wide variety of fields. Many of these customers have been using the software for a long time and have built up strong support relationships with the AKS team.

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